Friday, August 3, 2018

Summer Style with Chula Fashion

A few years back, one of my closest friends from home decided to ditch the Midwest and start a new adventure abroad. Addie is currently working as an events coordinator for Chula Fashion in Vietnam. Chula is an international brand, blending Spanish roots with Vietnamese culture. Having moved so close to Boston, I was in luck this past week as Addie was passing through town as she hosts Chula pop-ups across the country. An adventurer at heart, Addie travels around the world with a trunk full of dresses bringing a little Chula wherever she goes. Naturally, we had an evening of dress up as she showed off her favorite pieces. My picks? A black shift dress with real shell detailing and a denim jacket. I'll miss Addie as she carries on her globetrotting, but it was nice to have a little piece of home come to visit as I settled into life in Massachusetts. 

If you'd like more information on Chula, feel free to contact Addie at

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