Sunday, January 7, 2018

Hello 2018

After a life changing year of travel, career experience and personal growth, 2017 will be hard to beat. 2017 pushed me out of my comfort zone and grew me into a more independent and ambitious young woman. With the stroke of the clock and a brand new year, like many others I am beginning to reflect on what is to come. For me, like many other college seniors, it will be a big year filled with life changes and many unknowns. I will be graduating this May from college and have my sites set on relocating to Boston to begin my post-grad career. As for my goals and resolutions, a successful first step into adulthood is my main focus of the year. I'm excited for the first day I wake up in a new city and get to begin exploring my new chapter in life.

Besides a successful transition from college to the real world, I'm keen to keep working towards personal wellness in 2018. In the latter part of last year, I began focusing more on exercise and decided to take up running, going from dying at the half mile mark to a 5k in only two months. While I'm not yet ambitious enough to even think about working towards a half marathon, I'd like to keep up the progress and tack on a few more miles by the end of 2018.

And finally, this little blog of mine is something I would like to continuing building in the year to come. Even looking back to this time last year, I'm so happy with how this blog has evolved. I feel I am finally finding my groove and already have so many content ideas floating around my head or scribbled down in notebooks. I'm excited to see how it changes, transitioning from college life to the post-grad world.

I hope everyone enjoys the feeling of a fresh start this January, even if it's a bit cold.

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