Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Coffee Date: Messenger Coffee Co.

As I write this post, it's a chilly -4 outside and I'm curled up under as many covers as possible trying to avoid the outdoors. After a month back home in Kansas City for winter break, I'm now back in Columbia for my last semester ever as an undergraduate. While home, my friend Lauren and I hit up as many new KC coffee shops as we could. One of our favorite was a recently opened shop called Messenger Coffee Co. nestled right in the middle of downtown KC. Messenger boasts 3 different floors as well as a rooftop patio that visitors can explore, meaning you never have to fear not finding a spot. A fan of all things chocolate, I went with a mocha and a chocolate hazelnut croissant. I can't wait to be home again for a weekend so I can go back to Messenger to work on homework, the environment is amazing for getting things done. Filled with modern aesthetics and freshly made sweets, Messenger is a new hometown favorite of mine. 

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