Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Introduction to #PinkSponsoredStylist

As I begin my junior year of college, I am excited to be working alongside PINK on my campus as part of their new Campus Stylist program. By becoming a #pinksponsoredstylist, I am able to help create social media content for PINK that can be spotted on their social media channels such as Instagram and Twitter, in their newsletters and on their PINK Nation app. Through the Campus Stylist program, PINK is encouraging real women in college to show how they would personally style and wear their favorite leggings, tees, pullovers and more. What I love about PINK is their ability to take comfy clothes that are perfect for wearing to class, and adding an extra boost of style to them. I'm currently enjoying the neutral color palette of clothing including olive, mauve, grey and navy that can be seen in the fall collection currently in stores now. Make sure to follow PINK this year, you'll never know where I might just pop up!

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