Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

As a past reality star on The City alongside Lauren Conrad, a model, and a fashion blogger herself Olivia Palermo is one of my all-time favorite style icons. A popular street-style celebrity, Palermo always looks perfectly put together from head, showcasing her beyond stylish sunglass collection, to toe, where there are usually a pair of heels or boots waiting to be photographed. Olivia Palermo dresses with such a high degree of class that even if she's just out grabbing coffee or walking her dog through the city, she'll soon be featured in a magazine's style section for her incredible everyday fashion sense. Palermo was recently married and instead of wearing a traditional dress, she wore a white sweater-shorts combo complete with a tule skirt. If anyone else was to even think about attempting this on their wedding day they would never be able to pull it off as well as Olivia did. I mean, she wore shorts and still managed to look as elegant as she would have if she wore Vera Wang! I look forward to seeing what Olivia Palermo wears in the future as well as what she features on her own blog because she is no doubt one of the biggest inspirations to my own fashion sense. 

Palermo in Carolina Herrera for her wedding day

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