Monday, March 3, 2014

Oscars 2014 Red Carpet: My "Best Dressed" Picks

After watching the entirety of the 2014 Oscars and witnessing every spectacular gown, I've concluded which dresses were the best in my eyes...

From the moment I saw Emma Watson walk onto the red carpet in this Vera Wang dress, I was in love.  While this dress might not be the flashiest of this year's Oscars, it's my personal favorite. I don't know if it's the high neckline or the black & metallic color scheme but this is my dream dress. Not that I plan on going to an award show anytime soon, but I would die if I was able to wear this to prom. And speaking of prom, I'm feeling pretty good about my choice of going with a blush & silver metallic dress considering that seemed to be quite the trend in this year's gowns. I love everything about this dress especially it's slightly sporty feel, and the added touch of red lipstick. Emma Watson really can't go wrong.

This girl is the queen of every red carpet she walks onto. Lupita Nyong'o dazzled yet again in a pale blue Prada dress, or as I learned from Ryan Seacrest duck-egg blue to be exact. It was clear she was one of, if not the best, best dressed in attendance, and for good reason. She looked utterly amazing in this dress and the fairytale-like look fit well with her first Oscar win. I think it's safe to say the world has found it's next style icon. 

Cate Blanchett wore a Armani Prive' dress, but more importantly those gorgeous earrings that completely distracted me during her acceptance speech are from the jewelry brand Chopard. She, like many of her fellow attendees, went with a neutral colored dress with lots of detail & sparkle. Some might not be a fan of the nude dress & pale skin combo that was popular during this award season, but I absolutely loved Cate's dress. It's almost garden-like and reminds me a little of past Valentino. Those earrings though, loved them.

Going along with the metallic trend, Jennifer Garner wore a Oscar de la Renta flapper-like gown. With a whole lot of shimmer and shimmy when she walked, this dress gave the biggest nod to old Hollywood glamour. I also appreciate the fact she didn't over-accessorize considering the dress was like a piece of jewelry itself. Overall, loved it.

Last but not least, Anne Hathaway stunned the red carpet with her blinged-out Gucci dress. What I really love about this dress is the high-neck cut, which I think looks amazing on Anne. This dress suited her so well and was both simple yet completely glamourous at the same time. Overall, this look was very appropriate for an Oscars red carpet.

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