Saturday, September 14, 2013

NYFW: The Metallics Are Coming!

After a long week of shows, photography, and street style; or in my case keeping up with what was going on via The New York Times and Twitter during free periods in the library, fashion week has come to an end. As tradition, the September New York fashion week previews the creations from various designer's upcoming spring 2014 collections. Equally as important, the shows offer a glimpse of what will be next spring's biggest trends. There were a few stand outs, like the color orange and the continuation of black and white prints, but what really caught my attention was the amount of metallic hitting the runway. You could see everything from dresses to skirts and even pants in the holographic material. Now I'm sure not everyone is going to be a fan, but I think this trend has great potential in being marketable to clothing stores. Metallics allow you to wear as much as you want and still stand out. If you're a true fashionista you could be sporting a metallic skater skirt next spring, or if you're a little more quiet about fashion you could pick up some shiny accessories like a bag, shoes, or even just some silver nail polish. This trend is what you make it and I hope to see it hitting the streets next March! PS - my favorite look is the first photo on the left, love the skirt with the button up!

photos via Pinterest
photos via Pinterest

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  1. I love metallics!