Sunday, August 25, 2013

Style Icon: Taylor Swift

From country, to glam, and even hipster prep; she's done it all. As I am typing this, Taylor Swift is speaking on the red carpet of the 2013 VMA's looking fabulous as always. After her album RED came out earlier this year, she ditched her cowboy boots for oxfords and Ray Bans adapting yet another new style. Although I do miss country Taylor, this new straight haired and red lipped singer is at the top of her fashion game. She is regularly seen sporting neutral colored dresses and oxford shirts paired with skinny jeans and leather handbags. Being a big fan of the "classic" look myself, I think Taylor is a great representative of the style. At first I wasn't sure I could handle another T Swift style change, but now I think it's great she's taking risks and expressing such modern slight hipster-like style. Keep on being stylish Taylor! Can we go shopping together soon?

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