Thursday, July 4, 2013

Glamglow Supermud Clearing Treatment Review

Glamglow, a Hollywood based beauty company, has created two mud masks designed to refresh your skin and make you look red-carpet ready. The Supermud Clearing Treatment is designed to fight common skin problems like acne and help clear out your pores. Basically, when you first put this mask on it looks charcoal grey (it actually has charcoal in it) and smells like mint (it also has chunks of eucalyptus leafs in it). Once the mask begins to dry, it turns mint green and feels very tight on your face. You can leave the mask on anywhere from 10-20 minutes, I left it on for a good 20 just to make sure. As it dries, you can actually see the dirt coming from your pores and rising to the surface of the mask. Hence all the dots in the picture. This happens especially around your nose and chin where your skin tends to be more oily. Once you wash the mask off (with just water) any oil that was on your skin is instantly gone and your face is left feeling fresh and rejuvenated. The only down side is that your face will still have a tight tape-like feeling. The long-term effects of the mask took any oil that was on my T-zone away for about a day, but also left other parts of my face dry. In the long run, this mask helps fight acne and reduce oily skin, and if you suffer from these problems I recommend giving this mask a try but beware of dry skin.

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