Sunday, June 23, 2013

Trending: Dip Dyed and Ombré

To be fair, this trend really did start last year, but it's been gaining momentum and is bigger than ever this summer. Ombré, as it was known everywhere last year is basically dye starting darker and gradually becoming a lighter color whether it be on a piece of clothing, hair, furniture, bags, nails...the possibilities really are endless. Now, also going by the name "dip dyed", this trend gives off a fresh feel that is perfect for summer.

In my opinion, ombré is kind of a more mature version of tie dye in the sense that it's classier than the vibrant multi-toned t-shirts you wore as a kid. Ombré got it's start last year as the widely popular hair trend in which you dye the ends of your hair lighter and blonder than your actual hair color is. While some people hate this trend and think of it as just "grown out roots", ombré looks great on a vast majority of people as long as it's natural looking. Now that regular ombré is not as fresh of a trend this year, people have started using colored hair dyes like pink, purple, and blue to dye the ends of their hair rather than a natural looking color. I'm interested to see what the next form of ombré will be after this gets old as well!

I love love love dip dyed clothes and accessories. I think it's a great look and can still look classy no matter what it is your wearing. Dip dye is also something that it relatively easy to do yourself, all you really need is a piece of clothing (preferably white), some dye, and a bucket. Dip dying doesn't limit you to just dying a shirt, you can dye fabrics like denim and make bleached shorts or find a dress and dip dye the hem. By pairing your dip dyed item with something like a blazer or a pencil skirt you still look business-ready all while being able to express yourself. If you're not into wearing the trend as a clothing choice, consider a ombré purse, headband, or even some cool looking nails. There are ways to wear this trend in small amounts so you don't have to over-power your appearance with it. This trend is perfect for summer but can really be worn all year long depending on what colors the dye are, for instance navy would be a good color choice for fall and winter while orange would be better for the summer.

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