Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring 2013 Trend: Neon Pop

A pop of neon paired with a neutral color like grey has been seen everywhere this spring from bags to sweaters and even shoes. Because of the eye-catching effect this color combination has, it eliminates the need for dramatic prints or embellishments. Although the eye-catching effect is what this trend is all about, neon shouldn't overpower the outfit, but enhance it. This can be seen as trim to a shoe, a statement necklace or a even worn as nail polish. Because the trend is so broad, it gives you the opportunity to wear it however you would like without being limited to interpreting the trend a certain way. Whether you'd rather rock it formally or causal, the choice is yours. I've even seen some adorable Nike sneakers sporting the trend. Out of all the neon I've seen so far this spring, my favorite has to be the Fluoro bag from The Cambridge Satchel Company (retails for $190). The bag comes in neon green, orange, pink and yellow. This bag is not only trendy, but the classic shaped gives it a timeless feel that won't fall out of style anytime soon. 

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